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Monday, February 6, 2012

Romance Film Fest

In honor of Valentine's Day (which is next Tuesday), we have been holding a Romance Film Fest this month.  Similar to our Horrorfest we held in October but with less horror movies (okay, with no horror movies, much to my chagrin, but you get the idea).  We are showing a romantic film each Friday in February starting at about 5 o'clock, right when the library closes.  Get here early so you don't get locked out!  This last Friday (the 3rd) we enjoyed the wonderful classic, Casablanca.  Join us this coming Friday (the 10th) as we experience Woody Allen's wonderful film Annie Hall.  The following Friday (17th) will be Richard Linklater's stellar film Before Sunrise, and the last Friday of the month (24th) will be Cameron Crowe's romantic, often comedic, Jerry Maguire.  Stop in or check out the Crete Public Library website for more info (there is also a teen romance film fest playing this month with some great films of its own).  We will most likely have some pizza, coffee and/or soda.  Hope to see you there!

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