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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Sci-Fi Spectacular

Hey folks, this is your Film Club summer update!  For the duration of the summer we will be meeting at our regular time (unless otherwise stated) 6:15pm on the third Thursday of each month.  This summer we will be doing something a little different than last summer.  This summer we will be watching some of my personal favorite (as well as critically acclaimed and important) science fiction films.  The first film starts this month and will be shown on Thursday, June 21st, and that film is: Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott (another post will follow to further explain what Blade Runner is all about, for those unfortunate enough to have never seen it).  Hope you guys have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you all at Film Club!


  1. Going to see Prometheus on Friday.

    1. I saw it last night at midnight, it was pretty incredible.