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Monday, November 2, 2015

November Film Club

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who was able to make it out to Horror Fest this year.  We had a good solid attendance for all 4 of our films.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I enjoyed scaring you all!  Another big thank you to  everyone who brought snacks, you're never obligated but as always, it is appreciated!

October is somehow already over, which is disappointing because that moves us closer to winter.  Let's hope the winter months fly by as quickly as the rest of the year.  But, as always, a new month means a new movie!  For the month of November I have chosen Dan Gilroy's thrilling film, Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler is a 2014 American neo-noir crime thriller film written and directed by Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut.  The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a former thief who starts shooting footage of accidents and crimes in Los Angeles, selling the content to local news channels as a stringer.  It features Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, and Bill Paxton.  The film had its world premier at the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.  It received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 87th Academy Awards.

The film holds a 95% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and Matt Zoller Seitz, writing for, awarded it 4/4 stars, saying this of the film, "This is a classic film, not just because every scene and line is casually beautiful and devoid of extraneous touches, but because its tone is mercilessly exact.  Gilroy, a first-time feature director who has written or cowritten many movies, knows what he wants to say, and how to say it.  He maintains just the right amount of distance from Lou, so that we get a buzz from his audacity while finding him revolting.  We're not so much looking down on Lou as peering into an abyss that exists, to some degree, within everyone: the lightless home of that little voice that whispers, "You've just gotta do what makes you happy," and "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

We will be meeting Thursday, Nov. 19th at 6:15pm

Hope to see you there!

Here's the trailer:

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