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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello everyone, this is your film club update. What could be better than watching a movie, for free, at the library? Now, I know you're thinking the answer couldn't be anything other than "nothing", but that would be wrong. The answer is TWO movies for free at the library, in the same night! Yes, that's right, we will be watching two films for film club this month. I said that we would be watching Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers, and we will be, but that's only half right because due to bad planning on my part (after rewatching Duck Soup) I realized that it's only like 68 minutes long...which would just be too short. Sooo, I've decided to also show Horse Feathers by the Marx Brothers. While not as good as Duck Soup, it's probably my second favorite. Soooo, Film Club will be on Thursday, July 21st at 6:00 PM (I've moved the time up 15 minutes to somewhat accomodate the fact that we will be watching two films instead of just one.)

Horse Feathers (1932)

Directed By: Norman Z. McLeod

The film revolves around college football and a game between the fictional Darwin and Huxley Colleges. (Thomas Henry Huxley was a defender of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.) Many of the jokes about the amateur status of collegiate football players and how eligibility rules are stretched by collegiate athletic departments remain remarkably current. Groucho plays Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of Huxley College, and Zeppo is his son Frank, who convinces his father to recruit professional football players to help Huxley's team.

Duck Soup (1933)

Directed By: Leo McCarey

The wealthy Mrs. Teasdale (Margaret Dumont) insists that Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx) be appointed leader of the small, bankrupt country of Freedonia before she will continue to provide much-needed financial assistance. Meanwhile, neighboring Sylvania is attempting to take over the country. Sylvanian ambassador Trentino (Louis Calhern) tries to foment a revolution, woos Mrs. Teasdale, and attempts to dig up dirt on Firefly by sending in spies Chicolini (Chico Mar) and Pinky (Harpo Marx).

Come on out for a night of ridiculousness, nonsense and outright hilarity. You will not want to miss this Marx Brothers double feature event.

Check out the trailers:

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