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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Don't let anyone tell you what it is." (A review of Catfish)

Catfish is a documentary about a man who begins a relationship on Facebook. Catfish is a statement about today's culture. Catfish is suspenseful, insightful and Catfish is moving....

So, what is Catfish? I can't tell you.

Catfish follows the story of a man, Yaniv, who is a photographer who lives with his brother and friend (filmmakers, also directors of this film). Yaniv receives a painting in the mail, the painting is of a picture he had taken that appeared in a news article. The painting was made by a little girl named Abbie. Yaniv becomes friends with Abbie on Facebook and continues to receive paintings of pictures he has taken. They message each other and talk on the phone, they become friends. He gets to know her family, her mother, her father, her older sister and their Facebook friends of the family. He starts a relationship with Abbie's older sister Megan, it's long distance (Yaniv in New York, Megan in Michigan), they message each other on Facebook, they text, they call each other and it starts to get serious. Yaniv's roommates document the process, they are all part of it. All of Abbie's family know them and they know Abbie and Megan's family.
Abbie, Megan and their mother are all very talented. They paint, they play guitar and the piano and they sing beautifully. Abbie is a cute little 9 year old, Megan is a very attractive young woman and their mother is youthful and gorgeous. They are next to perfect. Yaniv falls for Megan and thus begins their relationship.
I have set the movie's scene for you and that is about all I can do, without possibly spoiling the movie. What I can do at this point is describe to you somewhat how I reacted to this film. I was intrigued, I was nervous, I bit my nails, I was on the edge of my seat, I got chills and I was shocked, moved, impressed. These filmmakers have captured something genuine here, genuine and genuinely disheartening. I really feel that the film was a little bit of a commentary on this age, this generation in which we find ourselves. It really delves into concepts of personal identity and reality (one that is ever-shifting). I would try and say more but I've most likely said too much already.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't let anyone tell you what it is...see it. A


  1. I loved it! I was also on the edge of me seat, waiting, feeling sympathy for Yaniv. I can also see how this story can happen to many people out there. Thanks for the recommendation, it was great.

  2. Awesome, I'm glad you liked it!